2x Faster than the Fastest : Just another quality of ArabEasy

Completing a 5000-word translation assignment of the highest quality in 2 days is a commendable task, but is that a job well done?

What would happen if 2 days change to a deadline of 12 hours? Where the issue lies is that a single translator has a capacity of just translating 2000-2500 words in a day. Just one round of translation is not enough as revising the translation with the help of another translator refines the language and ensures accurate interpretation. The editors/proof-reader although need to just revise the translation is only able to complete the task at twice the speeds at best. On top of this, other required steps like Quality Assurance and Visual Graphics (VGA) elongate to the timeline. This is why most service providers struggle to deliver any more than 5000 words in a day.

One solution for faster output would be splitting the assignment, which saves time, but could hamper the overall consistency in translation. If consistency is not kept into focus, the document would consist of ambiguous writing styles and translation of the same text but with different contexts. ArabEasy's solution to this obstacle in achieving quick yet consistent, high-quality translations starts from the base and eliminates all bottlenecks in the process of translation.

Starting from receiving the request, ArabEasy’s 10-20-30 rule helps kickstart the process and speed it up. From the moment the request is received, the first acknowledgment is sent within 10 minutes, the confirmation email with delivery time goes out in 20 minutes and the translation process starts within 30 minutes. Our expansive network of Native Arabic Translators spread across the world enable us to operate 24 hours of the day throughout the year. the 24-hour availability utilizes the downtime for clients and cut short the turnaround times by over 30%. Our goal is to negate the processing time of the document during the working hours of the client, which would increase client efficiency. With the always online operations team, clients can just forget about their worries and leave it to ArabEasy.

In addition to our large network of translators, Our proprietary collaboration tools and digital workflows, allow splitting the file between multiple resources so they can work in parallel to translate the file. Meanwhile, the in-house team of Native Arabic Translators with a high level of subject matter expertise can overlook and supervise the complete process and provide inputs wherever required to ensure that the quality of translation is top-notch and it is achieved with minimal possible effort.

The expertise and intelligence of human translators and experts are also backed up with new-age technology and tools. For example, the Neural Network based machine translation system paired with project-specific translation memory and domain-related glossaries offer suggestions for simple phrases to speed up the process of translation. Now, with the translation bottlenecks addressed, the presentation design also needs to be mirrored. EZ Flip, a proprietary Desktop Publishing tool completes the process in seconds with complete accuracy.

Transitioning from a young start-up to an organization, ArabEasy has also grown at the lightning-fast speeds with which we deliver assignments. The numbers we put up are off the charts. Delivering over 1 Million words in a month clocks our annual capacity of over 12 Million words. We are always available to provide the best and the fastest results without compromising on quality because leading the industry have taught us that time makes or breaks the situation and we have none to spare. That is why we speak to our clients in hours, not days.

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