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2x Faster than the Fastest

Completing a 5000-word translation assignment of the highest quality in 2 days is a commendable task, but is that a job well done?

What would happen if 2 days change to a deadline of 12 hours?

Here’s where the issue lies. A single translator has a capacity of 2000-2500 words a day. Similarly, a proof-reader can achieve two times the speed. Other tasks, such as Quality Assurance and Visual Graphics (VGA) add to the delivery time. This is why others struggle to deliver more than 5000 words in a day.

The sole solution would be splitting the assignment, which saves time, but could hamper the overall consistency of the file. If that is not taken care of, the document would consist of ambiguous writing styles and different contexts. The road towards accomplishing this summit is to complement super-fast turnaround time with consistently high quality.

 We have been conquering these challenges for the past two years and here’s how we do it.

ArabEasy’s 10-20-30 rule helps streamline this process. Upon receiving the request, we respond to our client within 10 minutes, the work is assigned within 20 minutes and a confirmation to our client is sent in less than 30 minutes (just like ordering a pizza, isn’t it?). Our goal is to negate the processing time of the document during the working hours of the client, which would increase client efficiency. With the always online operations team, clients can just forget about their worries and leave it to ArabEasy.

Our In-house advanced technology, enables the operations team to split the file in the best possible manner amongst multiple resources. It allows the team to pick the right translator, who’s skillset is apt with respect to their speed of translating documents and subject expertise pertaining to the particular assignment within our expansive network. They are also trained to assign tasks to translators with respect to their subject expertise. This ensures that every assigned task is delivered with an optimal output within the expected timeline and 

Moreover, our operations work parallelly with the proprietary advanced technology to maximise the efficiency across documents. For instance, our In-house technology, EZFlip, increases the formatting efficiency of a document by 95%-delivering results, that would take hours to do, in a matter of seconds!

On the contrary, transitioning from a young start-up, the numbers we put up are off the charts.  We deliver more than 500,000 words of documents in less than a week; marking our annual capacity at 10 million words. We are always available to provide the best and the fastest results without compromising on quality at any given time even utilizing the down-time of our clients, so that even when they aren’t working, we are. 

Lastly, being at the top, we know that things get easier by time and we have none to spare. That’s why we speak to our clients in hours, not days.

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