Artificial Intelligence For Intelligent Users By Super Intelligent People

How would we all like the Babble Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Douglas Adams, in his epic series of novels called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy describes a small, yellow fish which can be placed in someone’s ear in order for them to be able to hear any language translated into their first language! Unfortunately, or fortunately, we haven’t found a fish or any other species for that matter, that can do what Babble Fish did! Instead, we have computers! 


Somebody had once said that you can never change anything by fighting its existing reality. To bring a dynamic change, you need to build new models, new structures that address their contemporary environment and needs. EZ Works is a fantastic example of this principle. When it started, EZ Works was only catering to translation services, and now, in no time, it has expanded into a suite of business services, disrupting the market with its innovation and use of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated numerous aspects of our lives in recent years. One of the most widely discussed advances of AI has been in the field of language and its translations. It’s quite likely that you have seen AI translation in action, whether it is on your Facebook feed or while browsing through international pages. In fact, AI can not only translate text, but also speech, images, street signs, etc. However, we at EZ Works have been working on AI on two different, yet related aspects. One is, of course, innovation in and use of AI in elevating the quality of services we provide while making the whole process seamless, accurate, and fast. The second aspect is concerned with the use of AI in the assignment of work to the most appropriate service expert. Before we talk about AI in the services we provide, let us first tell you about how we use AI in allocating the work.


At EZ Works, we have placed a feedback system, which further improves and enhances the capabilities of our experts. Since we promise to deliver only the best, our constant endeavor is to make sure that our service experts are regularly given feedback on their work, so that there is as little room as possible for errors.  This feedback system helps our Operations Team to decide which assignment to allocate to which service expert. It is naturally understood that each service expert will have their own areas of interest and expertise within their service field. The feedback system registers that for our Operations Team and enables them to choose the appropriate service expert for a job. We believe that once the assignment is allocated to the right person, the outcome will, no doubt, be the best and fastest, just as we promise our clients.


EZ Works has also been working on AI to create tools to assist its service experts in consistently delivering high quality of work within the time it promises. Some of these technologies include OCR and our proprietary CAT tools, among others.  OCR is a technology that combines Machine Vision with Natural Language Processing. EZ Works has been working to bring OCR at par with other technological developments that have changed the way translation is done nowadays. We, at EZ Works, have taken up the monumental task of seamlessly integrating languages such as Arabic, which comes with its own set of difficulties such as the presence of special diacritics which embellishes the whole context of the language, along with writing right to left, into the fold of translation with the help of AI.

By building our own OCR, we are also working in the direction of improving the process of image processing using AI algorithms. Our EZ Lens is equipped to enhance the image quality for a low fidelity image to a high-quality one. Furthermore, with our in-house OCR, we have set a limit for image quality, which filters images below that limit to undergo enhancement to pass through our OCR. And if that wasn’t enough, we have also trained our OCR on our large proprietary dataset to further ameliorate character and word recognition, making us the best AI-assisted translators of the Arabic language in the world.


Another example of our employment of AI is our proprietary CAT tool. Having worked with CAT tools available in the market, we realized that each had their own limitations, and the only way we could overcome those, was to make one ourselves that addressed each of those issues. For example, the security of our clients’ information has been our top priority. We had to have a CAT tool that did not compromise on security. Similarly, we needed a CAT tool wherein multiple experts could work simultaneously, without diluting the quality of the work. So, we made our own CAT tool, which not only ensures security but also is browser-based, allowing multiple people to work simultaneously. 


These are the areas in which EZ Works has innovated and used Artificial Intelligence, but we never forget that this technology is only to assist the huge resource of human intelligence that we have and work with.

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