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Translation service is incidental. That is the perception of the major chunk of the population that is obviously not aware and is actually made up of benighted individuals. I would further like to justify my opinions as being incorruptible by stating that translation industry is one of the oldest, most dynamic and multi-dimensional industry.

The existence of this industry is not something that just emerged post globalisation. In fact, ancient and medieval history is replete with fictional tales as well as historical incidents marking the vital role of language translation in conveying messages on crucial matters, mostly related to official and trade related documentation. With the advancement of modern technology and ever intensifying expansion of trade across geographical boundaries, the demand for translation services has only been witnessing huge increments throughout the entire global marketplace.

One of the major reasons for this growth in demand is translation services’ contribution to the world economy which in turn is driven by business organizations which once established within their domestic territory, want to expand globally to grow, prosper and most significantly, survive in the dynamic business environment. In simple words, Diversity today is not a choice to be accepted but a necessity. Here comes the role of translation!

Translation is able to break language barriers and its importance is beyond words. It removes perhaps the biggest obstacles for business firms, thus enabling them to create their market and connect with the people. We can take the example of telecom companies, banks, retail chains, even online platforms such as Amazon, trying to expand their reach in foreign territories. One major hurdle in their marketing plans turns out to be a language barrier which then leads to a difficulty in introducing themselves amongst local business partners and potential customers. Availability of translation services can resolve this issue and improve the chances of a company or even a giant marketer to increase their receiving audience.

Talking about the rise of the translation industry in general, we can derive that it includes a multitude of companies with diverse operations providing services such as translating written material and paper based documents, interpreting and sign language services, digital documentation translation, software translation and website translation. For instance, in web translation, every time we visit a website which operates on a foreign language, Google gives us the option of translating the language.

According to a source, it is estimated that the industry will grow to $ 49.8 Billion by 2019. The growth of translation industry can be attributed to the fact that many of the other prospering industries are becoming dependant on translation. For example, there has been a huge boost in tourism, facilitating the precise exchange of news has become more convenient, the growth of multinational companies which we have already discussed and perhaps the most important being the cultural exchange through which people are able to connect with one another in a better way. All this has been possible due to translation service now available to us.Also, this rise is spread across the entire planet. Below is a look at the share of international language service market in 2016 by continent:

In Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait constitute a large number of foreign residents and companies which automatically makes the requirement of the commercial translation services crucial.

Arabic is the official language of several of these Middle Eastern countries, but English is widely spoken there. In addition, there are various languages like Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Persian etc. in circulation. Considering all of the above facts, it can be stated without a doubt that many of the documents which are formulated there in another language most likely being English and need to be translated to Arabic for recognition by legal and business entities.

To conclude, I would like to leave all of you pondering over a simple yet a very thoughtful question – Can unity in diversities be possible without translation? The answer to this question could perhaps give the best reasoning to understand the significance of translation service in a logical manner.

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