Why Human Translation is Still Chosen for Business Translations? سنتين ago

ويبيت يطابق العملاء إلى مئات من المترجمين باستخدام سير عمل آمن وبسيط.

Don’t know what the sentence says? Well, this is where translation is needed.

With the world growing smaller every day, people and companies working across borders, and several times in regions where the official language is different, translation is not just a tool but a necessity.

Today, we have two primary modes through which we can translate content from existing language to a targeted language. You can go to a language expert (or Human translator) if a translation is required. Besides this, our digital world with its technological advancements also has something to contribute to language requirement, that is, Machine Translation.

Machine Translation comes into play If…

You want to translate something such as a common phrase or a text which will not involve any crucial information related to your life or business then Machine Translation for example, Google Translate, is your friend. But when it comes to ensuring there are no errors in grammar and linguistic context of the document concerning your business, professional translators can get the job done. Also you cannot wholly depend upon automated translation without involving the risk of misinterpretation due possible inaccuracy in tone and idiomatic nuance.

6 reasons why Human Translators still lead Translation practices:

  1. A human translator can recognize the context associated with a text by virtue of his/her knowledge and experience of a language in which the translation is to be made. Human translators can interact with you to understand context.
  2. Professional translators know the relevance of correct usage of words and communicate the specific idea behind a text with proficiency.
  3. If you are unhappy with the quality of translation, you can provide feedback and get a human translator to revise, with machines, you take it or leave it.
  4. They understand the latent emotions and expression which may be missed out in a mechanised translation.
  5. Knowing exactly what a specific phrase or term can mean and how it should be translated in a comprehensive way, human translation is more reliable than machine translation.
  6. Also, a major concern with the translation of a company’s documents is security and confidentiality of the subject matter embedded within a document.  It is vital for your business to get the accurate meaning from a translation on the first attempt.

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