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Around the Clock Availability

We are available to our clients all day, all night, 365 days a year. To reiterate this further, here’s a FAQ our clients ask us all the time:

Too many chefs spoil the broth. Would it be the case if they were told what they were supposed to do?

Managing 24*7 operations can be menacing, especially when multiple assignments are being worked on simultaneously. The challenge lies in maintaining consistently high quality in the given timeline. This is a piece of cake for us, here’s why.

Our people are spread everywhere. Our expansive network is spread across 20 countries over 4 continents with offices in 5 countries across Asia and Africa. Our operations are divided into 4 teams that work across 3 shifts, round the clock. Our digitized workflow manages a multi-stage process that allows our operations team to assign tasks to a translator based on their level of expertise and availability. It also takes into account the speed of translation of a particular translator to align it within the required timeline set by the client. We believe that creating such a system never gives us a feeling of being overloaded, even with a delivery rate of 500,000 words per week.

To achieve this, we don’t kill our employees. We at ArabEasy, are super-efficient with people and time management which has impacted their personal and professional growth. We have Translators spread across 6 different time-zones who are always on the task, serving our clients’ needs. 

When we talk about personal and professional development at ArabEasy, 

ArabEasy believes in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We care about the Personal and Professional development of our teams that are spread across this vast network of ours and to achieve this, we keep no stone unturned. Masterclasses are conducted for our top translators to enrich their time management skills. We also make sure to provide sufficient down-time to our In-house team by setting monthly goals.

The EZ Buddy program is initiated to help empower every individual that associates with us, helping them at each point. Moreover, EZ Buddy conducts all personal and professional development activities. From team-building exercises to one-on-one employee interaction, this program covers all spheres to increase the quality of life.  EZ Fridays are when the whole team at the Innovation Hub gather and assess how the week has gone and share substantial feedback to accomplish a task to perfection along with training conducted by the senior management to nurture the professional development on several aspects. 

Since our inception, from being a young start-up, with an ambition of being on the top of the pack, to now having a capacity of translating close to 2 million words in a month, ArabEasy has proven that they are a class apart from its competitors. We have devised a system such that our clients are rest assured that their requested file would be the first thing they see in the morning, being anywhere around the globe. 

We have attained such heights that every task is ‘EZ’ for our highly efficient round the clock available team for whom the regular clock is just too slow.

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