How Are We Available Around The Clock For You?

Oftentimes our new clients ask us how it is that our service experts are always available, no matter the time of day, day of the week, or season of the year. How do we fulfill our promise of being always available for all our clients? Allow us to explain! EZ Works has three foundational pillars – our Operations Team; our Team of Service and Subject Matter Experts; and our Advanced Technology. Our round the clock availability is a result of the seamless functioning of these three components.


Our Operations Team is divided into several teams that work in shifts across the globe. One immediately takes over from the other at their due time. To make this change of duties harmonious and uninterrupted, our Operations Team regularly goes through training programs that facilitate better coordination between the teams. This enables us to be available at all hours, without exhausting our human resources, in nearly all parts of the world. Besides having this shift rotation system in place, our digitized workflow, and detailed and thorough archive of our service and subject matter experts allows our Operations Team to assign work to respective experts in no time. This whole process is so perfectly streamlined that we keep a minute to minute tab on each of our assignments, giving us greater bandwidth to make ourselves efficiently available all the time through the day, through the week, and through the year.

The second pillar of strength at EZ Works is our Team of Service and Subject Matter Experts. Although we call it a team, imagine it like a network with hundreds of nodal points spread across the globe. We are present in nearly 20 countries across four continents, which basically covers all major business time zones. This worldwide presence of our experts allows us to take on an assignment at any time and deliver it at any time! Moreover, we always have a team of experts in reserve so even in case all our active experts are occupied with an assignment, there are still more experts to take on the new assignments without any lag. Such widespread presence permits us to be available round the clock for our clients.

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. Our client's projects are time-sensitive, that's why we take deadlines very seriously. When we receive a request, we analyze it and then deploy our resources, considering the time difference between us and our clients. We assign work to our translators and proofreaders according to their time zones to meet the deadlines committed to our clients.


As for the third foundational pillar, our Advanced Technology, our proprietary collaborative tools enhance the productivity of our experts, allowing them to deliver in the promised time. It also makes the process of transition between two experts working on the same project seamless. Advanced Technology is used to not only cut down our clients’ downtime, but also to automate mundane tasks, so that with round the clock availability their efficiency is also intact.


Now that we’ve told you how we are available 24 x 7 x 365 with the help of flawless coordination between our Operations team, Team of Service and Subject Matter Experts, and Advanced Technology, let us also tell you about the other programs that we’ve implemented at EZ Works that help us maintain our accuracy, quality and consistency, despite the constant availability. The EZ Buddy program is initiated to help empower every individual that associates with us, helping them at each point. It conducts all personal and professional development activities, ranging from team-building exercises to one-on-one employee interaction. This program covers all spheres to ameliorate the quality of life - Similarly, EZ Fridays are when the whole team at the Innovation Hub gathers and assess how the week has gone and share substantial feedback to accomplish a task to perfection along with training conducted by the senior management to nurture the professional development on several aspects. When we talk about personal and professional development at EZ Works, we believe in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and to achieve this, we keep no stone unturned. We have devised this system such that our clients can rest assured that their requested assignments would be the first thing they see in the morning, anywhere around the globe. We have attained such heights that every task is ‘EZ’ for our highly efficient round the clock available team for whom the regular clock is just too slow.

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