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Consistently High Quality

As a team of ex-consultants from top consulting firms, we have lived through the challenges of getting consistently high-quality Arabic translations. With long turn-around time, it is easy to get an output of the highest quality. However, maintaining this consistency with a short turn-around time is a challenge and to be honest, it’s a tricky trade-off. Even if some good translators do deliver, they don’t make the cut with us, because maintaining high quality at a fast turn-around time  is nearly impossible using the traditional model. 

With our work ethic, we have developed a different and unique model which has new and better ways to achieve 99% positive feedback from clients. Be it one large assignment or a batch of multiple small assignments, the EZ team is well trained to ensure that the translations are consistent.

From managing resources, identifying their strengths to assigning work, every task is planned and streamlined to make the whole process highly efficient. There are 3 core attributes that drive this wonderful process i.e. our translators, our operations and our advanced tech.

We at ArabEasy, have an army of 1000s of native Arabic translators spread across the region. Our Quality team is headed by top linguistic experts, at the Riyadh office in KSA and several other high-quality translators who’ve moved from their region at our Innovation Hub in Gurgaon, India. Our business clients are catered exclusively by a team of language experts that are totally dedicated to their needs and requirements.

Our contracted translators are filtered on the aspects of subject expertise, their speed when it comes to delivery, their overall stylistic ability and their core linguistic skills ranging across the language pair.

The Operations team at ArabEasy is the lifeline to our existence. From receiving the clients’ request to providing the final result, the operations are the engine which drives the delivery process. The role of this well-oiled machinery is to maintain a to-and-fro movement of answering to our clients’ request, delivering files according to their needs and preference, and efficiently handling their sensitive information with the utmost standards of data security. Moreover, they intelligently streamline work and assign it to the right people.

When it comes to choosing the right individuals for the task, we have built a regimented rating system to pick the best translators from the region, who are evaluated on each assignment. The margin of error in this case is too miniscule, and we set our rating standards to pluck out only the best.

Our super-efficient Operations team makes the best use of our Advanced Technology. Our proprietary digital workflow not just ensures the confidentiality of work, but it also opens an avenue for our team to work parallely on a particular assignment, which in-turn assures the quality of the document. This state-of-the-art creation helps the team to identify resources that maintain high quality at length and also find the right pair of personnel, who could maintain consistently high quality and output on a single document.

For example, ArabEasy has developed “EZ Flip”– an intelligent tool which efficiently flips and formats documents and presentations, cutting short hours of effort into mere minutes.

The delivery process at ArabEasy is a symphony of artificial and human intelligence, problem solving and superlative client service, entrepreneurial mindset and adherence towards the process, which works as a smooth functioning machine. This process is the IP we have built, adopted and perfected since the day of our inception.

This has been the mantra of our success so far, and our promise to our clients for the future is not just high quality by chance, but consistently high quality by design.

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