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Cyborgs of Translation

"When we refer to advanced technology, we don't infer it to machine translation, At ArabEasy, we've created something with a twist."

The digital infrastructure that we have built is a fusion of human level intelligence and Machine translation. The translation model that we have created enables us to deliver with speeds that no one in the industry has fathomed by leveraging Artificial Neural Networks and the translation database that we have built over time.

Identifying 3 focal points that could increase efficiency by a considerable margin, the EZ tools and applications help the clients, translators and the operations team altogether.

This began with recording the translator expertise in translation across various domains and topics, analysing their strengths and work patterns to index translator skills and other relevant information. By monitoring their performance with each assignment, each of the translators from our vast network is awarded a rating which deeply affects the work allocation and enables the operations team to select the most suitable translator.

With the translator rating system, the work efficiency increases by about 10 percent which helps the operations team to track and deliver assignments on time with ease. Still, just a 10 percent efficiency is not a substantial increase.

The menial tasks that are an add on to translation of documents consumes a lot of time an most of the tasks are actually cumbersome and repetitive. For example, Flipping and formatting of presentations and documents. ArabEasy developed a proprietary application that eliminates the obstacle immediately. EZ flip is an intelligent document editor that intelligently mirrors the entire document while not affecting the readability or design of the document even by the slightest margin.

Automation of many processes like logging assignments, tracking progress, feedback system to provide inputs on translation and improve the quality of output all comprise of the digital infrastructure has regularized the operations workflow so the operations team can focus on co-ordinating with translators and clients to offer an impeccable service quality and take away all the hassles from clients to provide them with ease of mind.

Furthermore, the whole process of translation needed to be streamlined while ensuring that there are enough quality checks to ensure EZ assured level of translation quality. With intelligent splitting enabling multiple translators to work on a single document and the web-based CAT tool that utilizes machine learning and artificial neural networks to boost translation speed by offering context-based suggestions, the translators and the quality assurance team can provide the same level of translation quality with double the speed.

Even with artificial neural networks, the translation quality, despite being way ahead of the available machine translation options, wasn’t satisfactory enough. Even with context-based suggestions, often the quality didn’t provide the appropriate terminology with translations.

Confused? Don’t worry, we were too! We kept looking for the missing piece when it lied right before our eyes. Reference glossaries! Once we included the project specific glossaries and information about preferred translation style, the results came out to be miraculous.

With the glossaries included in the system, clients recognized the better output that is of consistent quality and sent us more assignments! This essentially meant more data samples that made our translation model better and the output flawless.

All in all, our message was simple, to ideate possibilities. We developed our system on top of available technology available in the market with fusion with our experience in translation domain. With all our endeavours, we prove that a combination of the human mind and artificial intelligence can trump any other offerings in the industry, be it through quality or speed.

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