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Martin Dwyer

Application Developer

Martin Dwyer

Application Developer

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ArabEasy is the amalgamation of Individuals who chose to break the norms and build a system that serves the real purpose of running a business, Fulfilling client needs.

Rising from a team of 3 at inception, we are now 50+ people strong with thousands of translators spread across the globe. Even after operating for over 2 years, scaling up exponentially, constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas; an integral part remained constant, the work culture we have built which we call, the “EZ Life”.

The core idea behind ArabEasy was to tackle the problems in the content industry and make lives easier for the clients who chose ArabEasy. This quality, so ingrained into the ArabEasy team, did not only tackle problems for clients but for everyone associated whether it be the entrepreneurs on-board or the in-house team.

Approachable, Collaborative and Empathetic values of the showrunners have resulted in the collective growth of the business and everyone running the business. This has built such a culture that many of us hangout at the office just because it offers a learning opportunity and enables progressing professionally as well as personally. 

With the team working from different countries, in different time zones; one aspect connects everyone working at ArabEasy, the EZ Factor. EZ factor is not just something that everyone possesses. It is the go getter attitude, passion to do good work, whether it be from anywhere in the world, irrespective of any obstacles one comes across.

For professional training to inculcate leadership qualities and impart a self-starter attitude, getting together to party & take work a little easy, we have EZ Fridays to take some time to learn and also save some to loosen up and have a nice relaxing evening. Plus, given the EZ Factor amongst the team, we take having fun seriously.

The new EZ Innovation Hub is also built around the idea of EZ Life. With an open work area for the whole team and a 24-hour cafeteria, we also have break-time areas, gaming zone, lawn area to relax and even showers, you know just in case. The EZ Life and the EZ Factor balance each other and make coping up with life and work simultaneously much easier.

Fun Fact: We don’t have any pictures of the team working but hundreds while partying.

The EZ Life is essentially a bag of candy where you don’t really know what you are going to get but you still pull out something and then when you savour it you just end up craving for some more because there is so much to learn, so much to do and so much to become.



Joy Sharma

Founder and CEO

Manisha Kathuria

Sales Associate

Abhishek Kumar

Operations Manager

Mahmood Ghanem

Arabic Language Expert


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