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The EZ Story

What came first, the chicken or the egg? EZ or ArabEasy? Confused, aren’t you?

To be really honest, we came up with none of these two in the beginning. The name was still Work in Progress at that time. From the get go, our focus has been on client satisfaction and fulfilling all their requirements to offer a complete package. Started as an idea in the mind of a management consultant, he gathered a team of high achievers and contacted numerous Native Arabic Translators and Subject Matter Experts across domains and bootstrapped a start-up that would change the looking glass through which the world eyes the Arabic language and the middle east.

As we gained some expertise with our output and cemented a place in the industry, we thought about giving our brainchild a name that was unique but gave away our motive right away. For us, the purpose of the name was to define Who We Are and What We Do. Focusing on the Middle East market, our services and efforts focus on the Arabic Language and Content related services and making them easily available. The underlining statement of the company objective was to Make Arabic Easy. Becoming experts in Arabic Translations and the ease of execution of all tasks that revolved around it

Inspired by the word ‘Arabizi’, which refers to the use of the Roman Alphabet for informal Arabic conversations in the written form. In Arabizi, the Arabic script is transcribed or encoded into roman alphabets or numerals to make it understandable without the use of Arabic letters. ArabEasy is a play on the word Arabizi and interestingly served the very purpose behind a name and the messaging that we wanted to send out to the world.

After naming, the second thing that would make ArabEasy recognizable was the logo and the colour scheme we chose. We hate to disappoint but there is no story for the colour scheme that we selected, we just like the two complementary colours and the decision making took a second for the colours. Something that we really laid out our brains for was the logo. The logo should speak volumes for the organization while retaining its own identity and we wished to incorporate that into our logo.

Our logo was formed with multiple reasonings that supported the use of the various elements. Serving clients to complete satisfaction being our primary focus and offering a complete package lead to the rounded bounds across the edges that represent an all-around solution to the various problems our services are aimed to address. Second elements are the two letters that come at the centre of the logo.

The first is the Arabic alphabet "ع‎" (called Ayn) and pronounced with an elongated A sound similar to that in Art. Second is the English alphabet "Z". Now, with the pronunciation of the two alphabets as A and Z, the two represent fulfilling A-Z client requirements with the combination of Arabic and English alphabets representing our expertise in the two languages. Also, because of the resemblance of Ayn (ع‎) with the English alphabet E, the logo reads as EZ, which can be interpreted as Easy and refers to the ease of mind that clients get and the ease with which we fulfil their requirements.

The name and the logo complement our personality and objectives to form a complete identity by which the world would be able to recognize us.

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