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In a fantastic film called Philadelphia, Denzel Washington plays the role of a lawyer. What is striking about that character is that every time he interacts with his clients to understand their cases, he says, “Explain it to me like I am a five-year-old”. This instruction not only brings out complex information in the most simple ways but also somehow makes the audience a participant in that interaction. So, when we are asked what EZ Works is and what it does, we’ll take inspiration from Washington’s character and break it down in the simplest form.



Our founder, during his years in McKinsey, found himself in a situation that most executives do. He discovered that with growing work pressure, the tactical bandwidth is exhausted. You have practically little time to do basic yet absolutely necessary things such as create a presentation, do market research, etc. He realized that there was no support system that could take these essential tasks off of him. It is in such a situation that EZ Works was conceptualized.


The brand has created its own niche not only in the employment of advanced technology but also in the realm of innovation without compromising on the quality of its product. We understand the challenges and requirements of our clients better than the others precisely because our inception was a result of those challenges. And to address those, we boast of having a wide range of services and their respective experts from all across the globe; experts that are not only well informed about their local and regional spheres but are well acquainted with the global trends, requirements, and expectations. We call ourselves globally local. A capacious variety of people on board gives EZ Works the panoramic perspective one needs today to stand-out in the crowd. And the thread that holds this all together, irrespective of different time zones and physical locations is our constant endeavor to deliver only the best.

Being a business support services provider, we are one of the very few companies that give such an expanded assortment of services, each that adds value to our clients’ businesses and/or products. These services include:

Graphic Design

Our research has shown us that people respond the most to visual stimuli. With a greater number of people accessing social media, there is a greater need and urgency to create fresh and original content. Our graphic designers cater to this need and urgency most competently.

Creative and Effective

Data Processing

In the data driven world; collection, cleaning, harmonization, reporting, analysing, and creating data dashboards are tasks that are integral yet quite intensive in terms of the effort they require. We at EZ Works are providing quick and efficient services for all your processing needs.

Quick and Efficient

Research & Analytics

EZ Works team comprises ex-consultants, a fleet of expert analysts, experienced in both primary and secondary research. We give topical expertise in local as well as global context. Having picked experts in their respective regions, our Research and Analytics team has its foot firm on the ground, while understanding global markets.

Accurate and Insightful

Translation Services

Our team of translators is spread across the globe, making us the forerunner in the field of translation. Our experts are not just linguists, but also well versed in local context and global matters to make sure that translations are contextually accurate. EZ is known for delivering consistent high quality translations for all the major business languages.

Consistent and Contextual

Audio-Visual Production

An inflation in content consumerism has led to an unexpected increase in the number of video content creators. We create impactful, engaging audio-visual content for our clients, enabling them to connect with their viewership. We also provide exclusive audio content for our clients, apart from the audio-visual content.

Engaging and Impactful

Presentation Design

Corporate presentations often require infographics and appropriate designing for the information to be comprehensive and yet precise. Our expert designers make sure that your presentation contains all the critical content while keeping your viewers’/audiences’ interest intact throughout.

Polished and Powerful



We understand better than most others that the industry which we inhabit is an extremely competitive one, and that is why we make sure that we remain unparalleled in this business. Our singularity is ascribed to our following attributes:

  • Consistent High-Quality Deliverables:
  • We have developed a unique model that helps in managing resources, identifying the strengths, and planning out each task effectively in order to make the whole process highly efficient. The quality team at EZ Works is headed by the most experienced service experts, while the fabulous operations team makes sure the engine is running smoothly.


  • Superfast turnaround:
  • At EZ Works, we follow the 10-20-30 rule where the moment a request is received, the first acknowledgment is sent within 10 minutes, confirmation mail with delivery time goes out in 20 minutes and the execution process starts within 30 minutes.


  • Round the clock:
  • We are 24/7/365 days available as our experts work in shifts and are spread all around the world.


We are forever committed to secure our clients’ information and data. And our sincere concern and prioritization of information and data security have earned us an ISO certificate. We are happy to share that having an ISO certificate for security has not only led us to more clients but helped us establish their trust in us.


Three things make us stand apart - first, the use of advanced technology. We have streamlined, automated, and digitized our entire corpus of work. Second, we have built in-house assistive tools for the team to enhance their efficiency, achieving a smooth and organized flow of work. Third, our team. Each of our team members has been taken on board after a thorough process of selection. They make this machine function round the clock with the utmost efficiency. It is in our DNA to keep our people first. We always emphasize on their professional development. When they grow, we grow.


We cannot stress enough on how seriously we take our job as a support service provider company and the lengths we go to protect our clients’ information and data, but what needs to be mentioned here is that the basis of all this, the foundation of these services, concern for security, etc is the core value of our company - empowering people. We most sincerely believe that through these services that we provide, we contribute in taking people to the heights they desire and deserve.

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