Have you met Mahmoud?

“I love translation, I love learning new languages, I have learned Spanish and French as well. For me, the top priorities are my family and my work.”

Mahmoud is the Quality Assurance Manager at ArabEasy. A complete workaholic!
If you ever thought of making a career in translation, then he is the guy who will inspire you.

A graduate in English Language and Literature from Zarqa Private University, He worked as a freelance translator with us for a few months, while he was in Jordan. In December 2018, he decided to take up the offer to come to India and join the ArabEasy Quality team full time.

His career as a translator started while he was in university. For some time, he joined Aramex Int. GSO office as customer service executive but at the first opportunity, got back to translation – “His one true love!”

That is not it with Mahmoud and his life experiments. Before discovering his love for language, he studied in Russia for two years in a medical college. ‘’I was not passionate about learning human anatomy as much as I was about learning new languages!” says Mahmoud while recalling the medical college experience. When he told his family about his decision of dropping out from the medical school, nobody was quite happy about it. Yet, he somehow convinced them and joined the English language program Zarqa University.

A big fan of Arsenal, our “Star Translator” is now keen on learning Hindi these days. The superpower he wishes for is “To learn all the languages in the world”.

For Mahmoud, work and family both are very important. He has mastered the art of balancing this like a pro. He spends more time with family and less on work when he is back to Jordan. And when in India, it is mostly work and exploring India and its culture if there some time to spare.

At ArabEasy, we respect this the most. He travels back to meet his family 3-4 times a year and the cost is on us. In return, we get some amazing sweets from Jordan every time he comes back … not a bad bargain after all!

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