Have you met Abhi?

Abhi, operations associate

Abhi, literally means “The first ray of the sun”. 

Abhi started as an intern at ArabEasy while he was still an Engineering student at Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. When he was offered a full time job at the end of his internship, his happiness had no bounds but after treating everybody to pizza his happiness came down to normal levels 😛

“When I first joined, I was nervous, I had almost zero experience in this domain, everybody was a perfectionist here and I was worried for myself. My first feedback was very poor but I got immense support from everyone! Everybody was there to help me if I needed any, everybody was patient with me, I was encouraged, assisted and supported every day!”

“ArabEasy is a life changing experience for me. As a Computer Science Engineering Graduate, people expect you to only CODE, we do not understand there is more to explore than this. I learned management, pipe-lining, Formatting, VGA. I was free to explore my interests, my team aided me whenever I required anything. Where will you find an organization where they actually care about your growth!” Says Abhi about his experience with Arabeasy. 

Hailing from Amritsar, the city of famous “Golden Temple”. He works from home whenever he wishes to go back home and enjoy “Amritsari Chhole Kulche”- The delicacy from Punjab.  

The perfect blend of goofiness and maturity, Abhi is behind those flawlessly formatted and timely delivered files. Pretty much like the first ray of the Sun, he is the bright and shining star of ArabEasy.

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