Travel and Work : Mahmoud ElFeky

Mahmoud ElFeky joined our India team in August this year. A graduate in English Language and Translations from Minia University, he started his translation career in 2017.
The flight to India from Egypt was the first EVER flight of his life and his excitement had no bounds!
“Echo.. Muddle.. and Friendship, these were the main themes in “A Passage To India”, an English Novel I read in senior year of college. I love that novel and its character. That ignited curiosity in me about the country’s lifestyle and culture and this opportunity was like a dream come true for me.
A few months ago, I found the Job offer at LinkedIn, applied with little hopes, passed the test and the next thing I knew, I was flying to India!
It was on the 4th of August, and it was my first ever travel abroad. You cannot imagine how I felt when I got on board for the first time in my life. I had instilled this in mind for years to come.
For the record, I can say that I found many similarities between India and Egypt. Similar male clothes, similar transportations and even lifestyle. That made me swiftly adapt to the new life here, in the Incredible India.
At last, ArabEasy, the place I am proud to being a part of. Even though I had some financial issues the day before I came, they did their best to provide me with the appropriate support and make the journey easier. Now I am full of positivity and optimism about my new work, team members and lifestyle here.”
Writes ElFeky about his experience in India.
The complete package, not only is he a valuable employee and a skilled translator but he is also quite jovial and brings loads of laughter and fun with him!
A passionate cook, football fan, explorer and foodie; he loves to share about his daily escapades and regularly ask the team recipes of various Indian foods and snacks.
Obviously enough; we couldn’t let you leave without attending the monthly get together because it wouldn’t have been a party without you. Come back soon and bring us lot’s of Egyptian Sweets.

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