Have You Met Our Investors?

“It is often about being frustrated by something and using that as an inspiration to solve the
challenge.” - Richard Branson

In retrospect, Joy Sharma, Founder & CEO of ArabEasy LLC and EZ Lab Private Limited, finds resonance with the above quote. He remembers his consulting days as a period when getting high quality and efficient business support services was far from being easily accessible. Rather, there was a definite gap between what was required and what was available. Naturally, this gap presented itself as an opportunity to Joy, who decided to move on from McKinsey & Co. and set up ArabEasy, a company that is dedicated to providing top-notch business support services to organizations across the globe.


As a good student of business, his philosophy was simple: create value. And this value creation needed a close study of the industry. He concluded that business support services is an extremely fragmented sector that is primed for innovation and disruption. While trying to rethink how these services could be provided efficiently and seamlessly, - Joy identified three primary levers that create value in this sector - consistency in delivering high-quality work, fastest response time, and 24x7 availability to the clients. And although this was an unprecedented feat, its implementation did not need any major CapEx Investment. Using his own savings, Joy bootstrapped this project and set up shop, by opening a local entity within the UAE and an Innovation & Operations Hub in Gurgaon, India. (Let us out a secret: Joy invested about half a million dollars from his own pocket)



And ever since we at ArabEasy (EZ) received our first assignment in 2017, there has been no looking back! In its third year of operation, EZ can confidently claim to be disrupting the market. We have been able to capture a decent market share from the incumbents and are serving top global organizations on the back of our unique operating model, Innovative approach to traditional services, and the use of Advanced Technology. Apart from being profitable from our first assignment, we have also been able to earn our clients’ trust - constantly returning to our foundational principle of creating value. We broke even within six months of stepping into the world and crossed the million-dollar revenue mark long ago! What was an untested start-up, in the beginning, has now graduated to a well-recognized and globally present provider of Business Support Services. We have entered a fragmented sector, are disrupting it with our technology, delivering more than we promise, and achieving remarkable growth. In fact, even during the testing times of the COVID -19 pandemic, our model is surviving; in fact, growing! And now that things are somewhat coming back on track, our growth trajectory appears to be even stronger than before. We are on our way to transforming this sector the way Uber did to cab-hailing, but our aspirations and capabilities go much beyond.


Our business philosophy and effective execution taught us a thing or two too. First, geography, language, and service are the three dimensions in which we can grow. Second, as we grow and branch out further globally, the market is worth billions of dollars that is ripe for disruption. And third, we are ready to take on the world! We have our engine ready, our hands on the wheel, and are putting the pedal to the metal! We find ourselves in a position to explore possibilities of branching out, collaborating, and unfolding avenues that have not yet been traversed.


With stripes of simple Business Philosophy, Advanced Technology, Digitized and Automated Operations, a Global Network of Experts, and Unsurpassable Service Quality, we have realized that in this world of unicorns, we are a (E)Zebra!

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