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Quoting Richard Branson, “It is often about being frustrated by something and using that as inspiration to solve the challenge.” But could there be a challenge with a model that is fool-proof?

In hindsight, this thought resonated with Joy Sharma, Founder and CEO of ArabEasy. During his consulting days, he realized that the existing translating model did not have ways to generate efficiency in translations and there could be ways of doing this better. His idea wasn’t to nosedive into the industry, but he thought that there was a need for a new wave, through which this old translation model could be derived in a new and a better fashion.

After attaining much clarity and belief, Joy was ready to take up the challenge and decided to leave McKinsey to start ArabEasy.

As a good student of business his philosophy was quite simple, to find the best possible ways to address 3 core issues:

  •       Consistently High Quality

o   Our aim was not just providing high quality by chance, but consistently high quality by design. With this in mind, we could think of achieving a near-perfect feedback from our client’s.

  •     Short TAT

o  Our challenge was conquering the quest of providing the fastest results without compromising on quality at any given time. With deliverables of high quality within a matter of hours, we could think of increasing our translating capacity by manifold.

  •       Provide 24/7 support

o   Our vision was to build an expansive network, which could spread our reach around the globe. By securing this status, we could think of increasing our client’s efficiency.

Upon introspection, we got clarity on a couple of things. First being that the implementation needed less investment and the second being that by addressing these three core issues, this project was promising enough in becoming a profitable business model. Using his savings, Joy bootstrapped this project and set up shop, by opening a local entity within the UAE and an operations unit in Gurgaon, India.

Since that day, there has been no looking back. After breaking even within a few months of business and positive revenue since day 1, our growth has been exponential ever since. As of today, we have branched out our  connections in over 20 countries across 4 continents. Our strategies in achieving top status in information security has ensured our clients with the best data security within the industry. Our endeavours of delivering high quality assignments with a short turn-around time has been graced by our clientele with 99% positive feedback. 

What did we learn, as a company, by using such effective strategies? 

You don’t have to play the valuation game. Unlike any start-up, which vouches for investments for their infrastructure, we based our business strategy in an old-school way. By using this old philosophy of business, we plowed back profit and used it towards  innovating strategies for solving additional problems of our clientele. For example, we invested in our advanced technology by introducing technologies like EZ Flip, which increased our working efficiency by 20% by automating features like flipping and formatting. Moreover, by following the same USPs, we can create more value to our business by starting new services to our client’s, one being EZ Slides, which would cater to all client requests pertaining to presentation design.

Finally,  when we look at the recent trend of emerging startups, who polarize their dependency on fund raising events with several roundings, we realized that in this world of unicorns, ArabEasy is a Zebra Startup.

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