First Impression Is The Last Impression

Right from school days, we are told how important it is to be able to present ourselves in front of an audience. We are told that people will first see your work, and then read/listen to you. In fact, teachers gave, maybe still give, extra points for how a project is presented. Well, in school, we changed the colour of the pencil, used the best quality paper, drew margins on the sides, and some even stuck glitter stickers!

Unfortunately, the school tricks wouldn’t impress your boss or your clients at work, and yet the presentation is absolutely crucial today in every field of work to be able to put across your ideas with clarity and precision. So, what do you do? You sit with Powerpoint or any other software in front of you and spend hours and hours of your precious time to get that presentation just right. Don’t you wish you had somebody who understood your field, your intention, and purpose and made the presentation for you so that you could save that time and focus on the actual work? If your answer is yes, then that's what we are here for!


EZ Works has a dedicated team of presentation designers who, along with their proficiency in presentation designing, understand the subject area to deliver a presentation that answers to the client’s requirements the best. To have a greater impact on its audience, corporate presentations require relevant information to be conveyed in the most comprehensive and precise manner. This becomes possible with the appropriate design and use of infographics. Our expert designers make sure that your presentation contains all the critical content and captures the interest of your audience throughout the presentation.


There are three categories of services with Presentation Design that EZ Works offers:

Flipping and Formatting

Last minute flipping and formatting can be rather dreary, especially for translated documents and presentation slides. In this category, we offer to flip and format, and correct the alignment for the translated documents and presentations. We also check the adherence to templates and provided branding and styling guidance.


In this category, the focus is on little details such as fonts, alignments and consistency checks. It does the formatting and alignment for the client, adheres to the templates, and guides the branding and styling as per the client’s requirements.


Within the Advanced Presentation Designing, we deploy content for client’s business needs, as well as create high-end visuals for maximum engagement and impact. Designing in this category is based on handwritten inputs and includes elements and details such as iconography and dynamic charts and graphs. We also provide content restructuring and template creation within Advanced Presentation Designing.


This includes animations, transitions and dynamic content to add more visual appeal to presentations for websites, pitches, conference, training and more. These presentations offer complex creatives for high visual impact slides. Within this category, we offer animations and transitions for smooth storytelling.


EZ Works operates at the capacity of producing millions of slides per month and each of these slides is attested for quality by our in-house master designers and subject matter experts. What’s more - we do this is not one, nor two, but all business languages for our top global clientele!

Our presentation design rests on five important pillars -

  • Wide Range of Subject Matter Experts - Our design experts aren’t just design experts but also hold command over all facets of business, covering both industries as well as function. This makes sure that our clients’ presentations are accurate, factually correct, and impactful.
  • Cultural Sensitivity - Since our service and subject matter experts are placed across the globe, their diverse geographical locations and nativity bring a high degree of cultural sensitivity to their work. This is visibly reflected in our designs as well. Besides, this also helps us handle any language requirement that our clients might have.
  • Information Security - Since our clients are sharing a lot of information with us, both personal as well as professional, for their presentations, the security of that information is absolutely essential and pivotal for us. And for this, we have a robust digitized workflow with secure portals to manage our assignments. Because we lay such a great emphasis on information security and have a system in place for that, we were awarded ISO 27001:2013 certificate.

  • Round the Clock Availability - With more than a hundred designers across multiple time zones, we are available 24x7 throughout the year. Our quick response to our clients’ requests and the fastest delivery of assignments without diluting the quality make us stand apart.
  • Faster than the Fastest - We have a 10:20:30 thumb rule. As soon as our Operations Team receives clients’ requests, we respond within 10 minutes. Following which, our Operations Team sends out an acknowledgment receipt within 20 mins and within 30 minutes, our designers have been assigned their work and are on it! The Operations team manages the entire workflow and delivers at or before the committed time. This is facilitated by our proprietary collaborative tools that allow our designers to work with subject matter experts. And this whole process is overseen by the Quality Assurance Team.

From formatting to fonts, iconography to the content, audience, and medium, everything needs to be precise for the presentation to deliver a concept with clarity. EZ Works understands your needs and represents them visually in the most impactful way so that you can communicate with your audience like we connect with you.

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