How Easy was Coming up with EZ?

We’ve all read Plato’s saying that “necessity is the mother of all inventions” and all of us have seen ample examples of this around us. Some examples we overlook, while some examples hold our attention for good! One such example that stayed with us was the invention of Arabizi, also known as Arabish, Arabglish, or Arabglizi. A popular phenomenon among younger generations, Arabizi is the informal chat alphabet that came into being around the mid-1990s with development in technology. Simply put, it is basically Arabic text written in its transliterated form using Latin characters and numbers.


By now, you might have guessed that there is a connection between Arabizi and ArabEasy. But allow us to brief you a bit more about the inception of ArabEasy. Before ArabEasy came into being, Joy Sharma, the founder, and CEO of ArabEasy was working in the Middle East. It is during his time there that he realized that there was an unexplored market for Arabic translation. In fact, there was no platform that provided dependable, accurate, and timely business services in the Arabic language. That's when Joy decided to start ArabEasy. Of course, the name and the logo weren’t conceptualized immediately. Our initial goal was to cement our place as top aspirants in the field and as we started finding our work easy, we came up with something which was unique and also literal and inspired by a phenomenon popular among young generations in the Middle East. The name ArabEasy not only represented us as experts in handling the pair of languages (Arabic and English) but also portrayed the ease with which the clients could get their work done with us; the ease with which we executed our tasks. And that's the story behind ArabEasy.


Now, coming to our logo, we wanted something that summed the organization’s character and represented it most accurately, without losing its crispness and independent identity. When you look carefully, you will notice that our unique logo has a bilingual touch of Arabic and English. It is the combination of the first and the last phonetic sound of the name ArabEasy. The Arabic letter ’ع’, known as ‘ayn’, phonetically sounds like ‘ā’ and the letter ‘Z’, phonetically represents ‘sy’ of ArabEasy, together make the logo. The two letters, the former one from the Arabic language and the latter an English alphabet, together represent our expertise in translation service between these two languages since we started as translation service providers. The interpretation signifies our reach in expertise, covering everything from A to Z. Interestingly though, the non-Arabic speakers read ‘ ع’ as E. Thus the logo came to be read as ‘EZ’ which abbreviated to ‘Easy’, reiterating the ease of execution. It won’t be factually wrong if we say that the name EZ came organically, more like people identified us with EZ from the services we provide to our quality assurance (EZ Assured) to our Technology and Innovation Hub, the EZ Lab! EZ became as much an identity marker for our customers as for our employees.


So, honestly, for us, coming up with a remarkably significant logo was EZ!!

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