Work at your own convenience

As an Arabeasy translation partner you can:

  • Work full-time or part-time
  • Manage your own schedule – bid only when you feel like working
  • Charge the fees you deserve – go low and get more work, or charge high and do only top quality work
  • Choose to work anywhere – your office desk, your home or maybe a coffee shop!
Work at home arabic translation services
Become an arabic translator

Grow as a translator

Arabeasy team will help you grow and become a better professional:

  • Arabeasy Quality team will provide feedback on your assignments
  • Web-based training on best practices will keep you in-tune with client requirements and industry trends
  • Peer interactions and assignment reviews help hone your skill even further

Grow as a translator

Arabeasy team will help you grow and become a better professional:

  • Arabeasy Quality team will provide feedback on your assignments
  • Web-based training on best practices will keep you in-tune with client requirements and industry trends
  • Peer interactions and assignment reviews help hone your skill even further
Become an arabic translator

Rest assured as Arabeasy has your back

Arabeasy will take on the administrative hassles and provide you peace of mind. We will:

  • Arabeasy team ensures that payments are made by clients and released to you on time
  • In case of disputes with clients, Arabeasy master translators will resolve quality concerns and ensure fair decisions
  • Arabeasy support team will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you have
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I get started?

Please create an account by clicking here. The app will guide you through the process step by step.

What information do I need to sign-up?

You will need an email ID and phone number from your country of residence. The email will be verified and used for sharing critical information such as new assignment notifications, document decryption passwords, etc. We suggest you use an email ID that you have access to on your mobile so you never miss an opportunity to earn.

The phone number you provide will be used to call and verify your credentials. Also it will be used by our contact center as your unique identifier, so please try to call us from the same number when you contact us.

Can a translator from any country sign-up?

There are limitations of transferring funds to some countries. Arabeasy will use your phone country code to determine which country you have signed up from. You will have to provide an bank account under your name in the same country for us to transfer your payments. Currently, we are able to process payments to Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and Lebanon. We are obviously working hard to expand this list and encourage you to sign up. We will reach out to you as soon as your country payment logistics are set-up in our system.

How do I share my qualifications?

On the screen after sign-up you will be asked to provide information about languages that you can translate to and from. In the initial phase, we are focusing on Arabic but please add additional languages that you may be proficient in. This will make it easier for us to send you notifications as we expand our language base.

You will also be asked to provide proof of your proficiency in both languages and any proof of experience. You should upload scanned copies of relevant documents. The more confidence you provide, the better will be your starting rating (please see section on ratings below). Some examples of documents are:

  • Degree in translation that mentions the language pair you have provided
  • Certificate, Bachelors, or Master’s degree in each language
  • Experience certificate of working as a translator

When will I receive an assignment notification?

Once you have completed signup and provided your qualification information, our contact center will call you to verify your credentials. They will share information with you about the rate you can charge and log this information with your account. They will then activate your account and you can start receiving notifications.

Please be aware that as we are ramping up the platform, we will activate a selected number of translators. This is to make sure we can provide best quality of work to our clients and a good experience to the translators as well.

How much can I charge for my services?

At Arabeasy, we believe that you know what best to charge for your work. At the same time, we want to make sure that clients are paying for the quality they receive. Therefore, we have created a rating system where you clients may score you between 0-5 “stars” (Details on ratings included in the ration FAQs below). Using these ratings, we have created 3 fee bands (in USD/word) that are in line with the market rates.

Above 4.0 stars
0 to 4.0 stars
Below 3.0 stars

You are free to select any fees within the rating band you fall into. You will get more information about exact fee bands when you sign up.

What is a “Quick-bid”?

When a new assignment is posted, you will receive a notification with language of translation, format of document and number of words. You need to then open the application and submit a “quick-bid”. The “quick-bid” specifies by what date and time you will be able to complete the assignment if selected.

We want to provide our clients a great experience. As Arabeasy, we want to make sure that the clients are able to assign the work within one hour from posting the assignment. This doesn’t mean the work needs to be started right away. It only means that we encourage you to bid as soon as you receive a notification.

We highly encourage you to stay logged into your application and turn on notifications. This has shown to highly increase the chances of getting selected.

How much time should I put in my bid?

Enter the date and time by which you will be able to comfortably complete the work. Arabeasy will automatically calculate that in number of hours and display both to the client and to you as a countdown on your dashboard.

Please remember, it is more important to be on time rather than getting an assignment done quickly. Taking sufficient time will allow you to provide quality and on time delivery, which will improve your ratings.

How do the ratings work?

All translators are activated in the 3.0 – 4.0 star band. Thereafter, clients evaluate translators upon completion of assignments. A Translator ratings is the average of 10 most recently completed assignments.

Arabeasy suggests to clients that they should have the following expectations from different rating bands:

3 star and below: This is a cost-effective way to understand the contents of a document. We recommend that you use this quality level for internal documents only
3 – 4 star rated: This is a cost-effective solution. We recommend this solution if you have some time to work with the translator. Clients have reported great outcomes when they have kept in touch with the translator, reviewed samples over the app chat functionality, and provided guidance on the go
4 star and above: These are some of the best translators in the region. Clients who provide sufficient upfront context have reported high quality outcomes in the first iteration

What rating will I start at?

All translators are activated at 3.0 stars. Based on the proofs of qualification, years of experience and other credentials they may be given a few additional points when our contact center calls to activate them. But no new translator can exceed 4.0 stars.

If you feel that you are a very high quality translator and deserve to be rated even more than 4.0 stars to begin with, please email us at

What if I don’t have copies of my degrees?

You can still start at 3.0 star rating and your ratings will improve as clients start rating you.

Is there a way to improve my rating?

The user ratings are considered final. Only way to improve ratings is to make sure you serve clients to their satisfaction.

How will I get paid?

Payments will be processed at the end of every month. All assignments that are completed and “approved” by client, or “auto-approved” at the end of 7 day review period by the 25th of a month will be eligible for payment in that month’s cycle.

All payments will be processed by Arabeasy in the last week of the month. A 5% payment processing charge will be levied on the amount due. Any additional charges levied by your bank on inbound foreign remittance will be your responsibility.

Please note that Arabeasy bank will process remittances within the last week of the month. Any delays due to your bank or an intermediary bank are beyond our control.

Alternately, you may create a PayPal account and we are happy to transfer through PayPal. PayPal fees will be borne by you.

Where do I provide my account information?

You will be sent a payment information form before the first invoice. Kindly ensure you fill and return that information before the 25th of the month for us to process payments.

Remember: We can only process payments into an account under your name, in the country you have selected during signup. The country is determined by the country code of your registered mobile number.

What about disputes?

Clients can sometimes be unhappy with the quality of the output. Sometimes you may be late in your submission or translates the wrong set of pages. In these situations disputes can arise. Arabeasy will try its best to mediate an arrangement that is fair to both parties.

Do I get paid for disputed or un-approved work?

As mentioned above, you are only liable to be paid for work that gets “approved” by client, or “auto-approved” at the end of 7 day review period. If before approval the client raises a dispute regarding the quality or completeness of your work, the payment will be put on hold. Based on the reason for dispute and arrangement reached with clients, you may receive partial payment.

For instance, if the work is delayed and not useful for the client who refuses to pay, you may not receive any money. However, if the work is incomplete and client is willing to give more time, you may be able to complete the work and get the full payment.

What if the seller is not professional in his/her conversation?

Please call our contact center, and we will try our best to resolve the issue to both your and the clients satisfaction.

Please note that you should not communicate with the client outside the chat environment provided by the Arabeasy application. You are not allowed to exchange any direct contact information.

Can I communicate with the client?

We understand that it is important to communicate with the client to understand the context of the document or clarify specific terms used in the document. It is also important for the client to provide you direct feedback so you may learn and revise the document to their satisfaction.

We have therefore created chat functionality within the Arabeasy app. Once selected the function becomes active. Please communicate with the client ONLY through this functionality. You are not allowed to contact the client directly outside the Arabeasy environment.

Can I share my phone number, email, Skype ID, or other personal information?

No. Please note that you are not allowed to share any other direct contact information with the client. If the client asks for direct contact information, you MUST DECLINE. This is very important for two reasons. Chatting through the app ensures all your communication is recorded and will protect you in case of disputes. Second, clients care a lot about confidentiality. Any communication outside the app will may be insecure leading to breach of confidentiality.

This information is part of the Terms of use for translators. If you try to share direct contact information with the client, we reserve the right to remove you from the platform and levy a penalty.

How do I get in touch with Arabeasy?

To get in touch with us, these look at the Contact Us page on this website

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