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Why ArabEasy?

The translations industry has the vastest reaches across the globe. It is the glue that connects a plethora of people, who speak and understand different languages and are spread across the globe. This is a subjective observation the need for which every entity in this field strives to fulfil. In the 18 months since inception, ArabEasy has made a deep dent in the ways of the translation industry by achieving what many haven't been able to achieve in decades.

The reason is simple, we believe in client satisfaction. We serve clients and achieve targets. High Quality translations are difficult altogether but providing consistent quality is even harder. ArabEasy has an expansive network of thousands of Native Arabic Translators spread across the globe with different subject matter expertise who provide accurate translations based on the source text. The proprietary digital workflows and in-house linguistic experts make sure that the translations fit the context and also read naturally in the target language after translation.

But translations require speed alongside quality as translations could prove to be a huge bottleneck for any process. Proprietary tools like EZ Flip render our turnaround times 30 percent lesser than normal so that the deliveries are always on time. Still, 30 percent faster doesn't suffice our ambitions. The operations team uses automated processes and live task tracking system to maintain adequate capacity at all times, works through the nights and even weekends to best utilise the downtime for most of our clients. On top of the digital workflows and proprietary tools, this has resulted into approximately 2 times faster turn-around times for most assignments.

With extreme attention to detail while designing processes for minimal time loss, designing online CAT tools, design tools etc for reducing manual labour and carefully managed workforce for 24-hour coverage, ArabEasy focuses on every aspect of the work flow and enhances it to streamline the process for increased productivity. All of this takes place in a secure environment with special measures taken for enhanced confidentiality. With biometric access controls, 24*7 CCTV monitoring for physical security, encrypted servers and facial recognition technologies ensure that only designated people have limited access to intellectual information and no information breach is possible.

In conclusion, in an industry where there’s some new service provider emerging every other day one’s existence depends on their way of survival and ArabEasy has the perfect recipe for it. Always keeping the focus on delivering good work and providing impeccable service quality, ArabEasy has grown from a start-up to a complete organisation that strives to serve any and all of the client requirements and make their work and lives easy.

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