Why Ministries and Top Consulting Firms Trust Us?

In the day and age when technology is evolving manifold, the gravest concern for organisations is of ensuring data security and confidentiality. This has resulted in organisations forming stringent information security policies. Our management, having the same background, understands the need to ensure data security and has taken up necessary measures to ensure that there is no possibility for information breaches.

But how exactly do we ensure trust?

For maintaining data integrity and prevent any leaks, ArabEasy recognized three types of threats to data; Physical Infrastructure, Policies & Procedures and Personnel Training; and took the necessary measures to fortify against any attacks.

ArabEasy addresses the problem from the base of the threats and maintains top-notch security at all ArabEasy addresses. With biometric access control for the office, 24*7 CCTV monitoring and data encrypted secure server room with necessary precautions against fire and other mishaps, the ArabEasy offices are completely equipped to fight against all oddities.

Even after securing the physical spaces, the threat to digital information and the devices remained. For this, the entire ecosystem operates on secure servers which only store minimal information and the files/ information are purged soon after. Moreover, the servers have data encryption and are subjected to regular checks to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly and there are no instances of cyber-attacks. The devices used by the employees are also a part of the regular checks to ensure that no malware present might prove to be a source of a breach.

Despite numerous bolsters, the threat to data security still loomed as translation services revolve around processing information and the whole process is people, dependant. For any individual/organisation to work with ArabEasy a legal contract stating that any intellectual information cannot be shared outside of the organisation for personal or professional purposes even after severance is mandatory. Even after legal obligations that lead to severe implications in case of non-compliance, the personnel requires training and guidance to ensure that data is handled and processed vigilantly.

Furthermore, before any employee begins with their job, there is induction for the whole process of cloud security to be well understood by the individual and making sure they are wary of the implications. Only after induction and training on operating procedures, an employee enters the digital ecosystem and is provided with limited access to the files/information. With the digital infrastructure in place per data encryption standards, logs are maintained for every process and tracking the information transfer trail.

The proprietary cloud security infrastructure built to implement the workflows is protected using firewalls and the translator interfaces employ facial recognition to make sure that while working, only the assigned individual can access the information and no other individual can view the same. The files are also not downloadable and can only be edited using the interface which intelligently masks numbers and other critical information to ensure the integrity of data.

A system is only secure when the people working on it ensure that it is secure.

Encrypted servers forming a safe digital ecosystem illustration

Not only the Operations department but the Technology and Innovation, Sales & Marketing and Administrative & Human Resources departments, all undergo the induction and training. They live and breathe data security and our procedures assure that no client information is public, even for marketing purposes.

Strict control procedures, constant monitoring & tracking and regular training & audits have altogether earned us an ISO27001:2013 certification which is the most widely recognized data security standard that is maintained in any industry. The regular audits by the ISO auditors also reinforce the data security fortifications already set in place by ArabEasy.

With superior service quality, impeccable support throughout the day and strict data security policies in place and the ISO certification as a cherry on the cake, Ministries never have to second guess their decision when it comes to choosing us as a trusted vendor for translation or other related services.

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