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EZ Works : Suite of Business Support Services

In a fantastic film called Philadelphia, Denzel Washington plays the role of a lawyer. What is striking about that character is ...
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Our Secret to Consistent High-Quality Services

Technology has brought us to the threshold of a variety of high-quality services. However, as a team of ex-consultants from ...
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Faster than the Fastest : Just Another Quality of EZ Works

Rome may not have been built in a day, but what about your presentation? What about the audio-visual content you ...
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How Are We Available Around The Clock For You?

Oftentimes our new clients ask us how it is that our service experts are always available, no matter the time ...
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Why Ministries and Top Consulting Firms Trust Us?

The Foundation of any long-lasting association is a sense of security. While security may mean different things to different people, ...
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Have You Met Our Investors?

“It is often about being frustrated by something and using that as an inspiration to solve the challenge.” - Richard ...
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There is a lot of conversation out there about how large organizations can manage better. Also, a bunch of tools for Startups to navigate work from home. But I could find very little about tactical things that the management of a 50 people organization can do.

Some of the valuable takeaways from the live translation assignment were – “How clear communication helps in achieving set expectations”, “How to schedule tasks on multiple levels with limited available resources to maximize utility” and “How good time management and clear processes can speed up any process”.

Getting high-quality Arabic translations can be extremely challenging and clients struggle while trying to balance quality of translation, turnaround times and cost. What adds to the confusion while selecting translation options are other factors such as type of the content to be translated, viability of workload, knowledge of domain etc.

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